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tv   Bulls Bears  FOX Business  December 13, 2015 6:00am-6:31am EST

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liberty. if there's a choice to be made, liberty needs to win. you're right, keith. that's our show. see you next week. shops contest. shops >> yeah, they won the wish list. i am going the lift this up. finding terrorists hiding on the web. hi everyone this is "bulls and bears." isis is using in crypted messages and using intelligence agencies in the dark. that's sparking a new bill to identify potential terrorists and report them to the terrorists. should that be a private company's job? here they are. bulls and bears this week welcome to everybody. is it really their responsibility? >> look brenda. i hate that there could be a law about this. i hate it.
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the social media companies should be doing this voluntarily for two reasons. one if there's a law passed that's like telling drivers that there's a speed trap and going to be 15 cops waiting for you. why tell the terrorists that the medias and companies are obligated to report them. they work hard to find ways to communicate. secondly and more importantly they should be doing this voluntarily because we're at war. it's good verses evil. they should be compelled to help the good guys win. it's the good guys that allow the opinions and the social media companies to assist in the first place. >> yeah, so that's the argument that basically the tech companies should do this if they're compelled or whatever. is it a private companies responsibility or is it practical or realistic to do this for them? >> i have the disagree with susie on this.
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it's impractical as you point out. on twitter there's 500 million tweets a day and people up load 163,000 photos per second. i mean it's just unreal. the other part is that we ding the government for not going to a bottom line. there's no profit. that's why cannot build the profit and highways on time if budget. flip it around. it's the same thing with the companies. if you're the person working at twitter and in charge fof the funds, are you going to say that we're going to take an hour a day and work on the terrorism? no, when it comes to the performance review, someone is going to say that you did not do the job as well as you could have. people and companies go to the bottom line and what pays them to promote them. unless we're taking over the industries like we did in world war ii, this is going to fall
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flat on the face. >> you take this a step further and that it could give them a pass with someone. >> yeah, it's fake and thrown together to make it look like they're doing things. i am not in the concept of a crime of playing roles. there's a lot of cash and they're under instructions to take the social security and run who you are and watch who you you work. there's a will the of government and maybe you're funding the terrorism. that's a very deliverable from the bank. they're like yay, if someone looks sketch and let us know. what is a terrorists. given the goal and to figure out and they would get in trouble if they did not do it. it's not going with the deliverable of the terrorism and therefore it can lay to the problem. they do not want to get
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involved. >> yeah there's some liability of the issues. >> chuck, we're talking about a warov on terror and it's a weap for terror. why should we not compel companies to help the government in the war? >> well, it's a sticky thing. i am conflicted. i am a self-proclaimed red nick and hippy liberal. you have the red neck side of me saying i want to know where they are. it's your duty to make sure that we destroy everybody that's going to do anything. i have an elbow farm if you show them to me and then it's like who is determining who is a terrorist and not a terrorists? aren't we supposed to have the free speech, so at the end of the day i go to the red. i think that it's the duty to do this. they're some what of a presence. cannot do anything that you you want on the internet. if someone putting something on the internet, they get prosecute
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and go to jail. >> which chuck do you agree with the liberal or red neck? >> well, there's so many to describe yourself. i love chuck and he is a smart man. he is right about it being the child cduty. microsoft said that there's not a way for it to be done. they found a way to be done. isis was hacked by anonymous. susie talks about that we're at war here. if we're at war, let's declare it on isis. the united nations declare war, and it's very cut and dry. once you get past them, how do you define a terrorists? one person's terrorists can be another person's freedom fighter. remember the 40s and 50s. that's a slippery slope. they're lazy and trying to pass this off on social media
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companies and that's not their job to do unless you declare war and it's a matter of aiding or do include want to help. >> there's no limit upon ago gentlemen t -- >> you susie, you have heard them all around. >> yeah, to say that business can't do this and it's too hard. organized crime was brought to a stop because the banks began to cooperate with government. we're able to shut down the organized crime because of that. i don't buy that. facebook knows when we sneeze. we all know when you order it on facebook, you order that and then you're served adds to meet that need. there are a lot of ways for the business to cooperate with this. i just feel like we could come up with a lot of reasons why someone else can do that and get united to stand. y united we fall. we will be able to stop the
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skorge. >> well, there's 150 definitions of terrorism in the u.s. law. which one do you use? that's step number one. sn step number two says who wants to do it. is yahoo going to raise their hand and say that we're going to devote two hours out of the day to do this. forget it. if you want to -- >> go ahead. >> then you you got to do it like fdr and take over the industries and instead of building cars or battle ships. if you want to say instead of sending out the tweets, you're finding cyber terrorism. yo cannot do them both. it's going to run counter to what they're paid to do. >> go ahead. >> i think that it's an evolving
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world. you can see behind me and i can tell you that they're not sitting next to them. it's a new day out there with with the way that things evolve. they have figured it out and they do not move quick enough and we do not move quick enough and take the brightest minds that we can't. no matter what happens. >> it's the impression that you will remember and it's garbage in and garbage out. just blaming tech companies is like blaming them for the get away car. you have to work with them, and cannot just give them the nonexisting instructions that are cooked up days after the attack and to the voters. >> yeah, if you go back and look what they did. we have the best scientists in the world and we had the enemy. we had the japanese empire that we were in the war with, and by the way they headed up the
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project and got the credentials and that's how far that slope could go. when you get them, don't get them for a couple of weeks. we have a couple of billion dollars do go with and we can ask people to come here and do something great for the the world. we can do this with the government is just doing it, and we need something like the project to get people to do something for the political. >> yeah, great debate. business invest 20 minutes from now. what do you have? >> release them from gizmo. what's the worst that can happen? that's what could happen. for get wednesday. carly say that is the federal reserve will not gun until after the election. is she right? and if she is, are you wrong? we will debate it. >> we will be watching. up here first.
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"bulls and bears." forget the new deal. iran tested a missile and one capable of a -- more proof that
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we need to slap iran with more sanctions. >> yes, we do though the have a deal. i don't know why people are -- i don't know why it's not wide spread news. i went on the internet and i we want up the state department's letter and on november 19th. look at it up. iran has not signed a deal. the state department admits that it's not a signed deal or legally binding deal. they came out and said why would i sign the deal and bind them to do anything. so there's no deal here. this is in sane. john kerry was out negotiated from go to whao and now you have a political commitment. it took decades to get them in place. you will never get them back in place. this is a horrible horrible deal that by the way was never signed. >> well, if it were not signed the un said that they stopped
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them and told them to reframe from using the missiles. it's violating the old deal and not just the new one. >> this is just american. i am so embarrassed about this. this is painful and it's the sanctions working. we almost had it where we needed it. the bottom line is that negotiations requirements and the party involved to put apart the agenda and be upstanding and abide by the terms of the agreement and iran is noneov of those. sometimes you have to say the truth. they're wicked to use the word and seeks the death and then the deal although they're saying is that the deal should be ripped up. it's just null in void. >> you're though the convinced and there are some examples in the world. >> yeah, i am not a fan of iran, but look at north korea this week. the other countries were doing
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it and the bombs are claiming that they have. the point and pakistan has the bombs and russia announced that lr goi they're going to increase it. the point is that what we think it does and what it does in practice is two thingins. it's not a great country, but they don't want to have nuclear weapons. that's not what we want in iran. when you do them, the country goes for the leader. they do not turn on them. the russians are not for what is going on. they feel defensive because we're maybe the great state that iran says. i they it does not work and even though that it seems good and they're being bad, it just does not achieve the direction that we want and there's a lot of examples for that being the case. >> yeah, the sanctions did work with iran. >> exactly.
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first of all i passed that and that's good research that he came up with. yes, i hear what he is saying. sometimes the sajss nctions do , but look what happened with iran. we crippled them and oil plum meted and things kskyrocketed. we bring it to a more moderate l leader if you can look at that. what do we do? we let them walk without signing anything. we caught to go back and we knew what was working. we have to go in there and forcefully dismantle what they have. i don't think that anybody wants to step up to that. short of that it's economic sanctions. >> there were talks of whether it was sound or not. there was a coup of countries that sat down and did that. the united states is the world
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police and the missiles that they're shooting off can reach a country and the world has a problem here. the world needs to solve it. my tax dollars in the u.s. can cannot do this alone. we have to come together when they were right or wrong, these people are crazy and can shoot a missional that can hit france or germany. you have to do them together is that people with no self-conscience cannot do something and destroy all of us. >> okay. thanks guys. cashing in just over an hour from now. what do you have coming up? >> hey, it's trump and the media is having a field day for a call on a temporary band on muslims. are they going too far? more tax dollars going to protect climate change. should we be more worried about protecting americans from terrorism. protesting the police by protesting the police by disrupting shopping.
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antepolice protestors shuts down businesses and causing pain to those that have not done anything. >> absolutely we went a far left and the aclu site. wanted to see and you can do the public places and you can yell
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and the police are horrible. what cannot do is disrupt the traffic. cannot disrupt the traffic and cannot impede the business. you get fined for that. >> you will not get noticed and sure some business is going to suffer, but that's for a small moment in time. they do this to bring the life to whatever they're protesting. there's a protocol of what you're supposed to do and not do. i have been to many of them and there's the constitutional right to get together and to disrupt what we want to. i think that it's how far that you want to go. anybody can take anything too far. let's look at the thing of what is happening there.
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>> this is the holiday shopping season, and one protest er says let's go where the money is. zblae, isn't it ironic. >> we're in a war and they mentioned chicago as a target. we need to be as civilized city and be the best selves. if that mean that is the mayor has to step aside, then that's what. >> wrong place to protest? >> yeah, it's not the law but the stores are not the ones shooting people. if you have a protest at city hall or police station or public place and make the point.
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getting arrested and all half that but if you're protesting for bad food, you don't go into a store that has nothing to do just because that's where people happen to be. that's where you're crossing the line. i think that you're losing the message in the whole thing. they're doing the minimum wage protest. >> john, where do you stand on this? >> i think that dr. king was the great one and i am far from liberal and far from sympathetic to need a voice. i think that they did cross the line once you harm them, you don't know. they maybe on your side. that's where i think that you cross the line of business. >> okay. thanks guys. thank you susie and chuck for joining us. we appreciate it. looking to ask this and getting a lot of investors down but not for long. the stocks get you right back up. ♪ tucson.
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>> we're in the middle of the sunk and going to have to sit this out and going to go for good old fashion utility stock. get away fromhe commodity high yield. >> okay. neil is next. all right. you see this guy? well, we let him go and guess what he is doing now? well, he is the top al qaeda guy. good to have you. enough is enough. stop the release and keep that prison open. also hear from our guests. so charles, what do you make of that? it's a number of people that we're letting out and some say one out of three, but this is a big one. >> yeah, it's a big one. we're talking of releasing them to go on to be commanders and


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